Lehigh Valley Pa Real Estate Market

Lehigh valley pa real estate market is changing. Before you decide to venture into the market to buy or sell a home, you should carry out enough research prior. You can decide to contact real estate agents in the area or visit websites that list properties that are up for sale in the area. This is necessary for you to be able to make the best decision. You may be asking yourself question such as, can I find Lehigh valley pa homes for sale near me now? Instead of traveling from one part of Lehigh valley to the other asking people on the road, you should take the best option of making use of the real estate agents.


Why use real estate agents when buying new homes in Lehigh valley

The real estate agents will save you on time that you will use to locate a property

Cases where you will be troubled on where you will find the homes will be no more. You can just ask the agents question such as, are there new homes in Lehigh county pa that I can buy? They will check on their records and offer you quick solutions to your problem.


The agents will inform you about the market price of the homes in the place

Sometimes sellers will tend to take advantage of you and sell to you homes at high rates. That will not be the case after you decide to involve experts because they will always advice you on the right value of the home. This will lead you to saving a lot of money which you will have wasted in overpaying a certain property in the area.


You will avoid fraud when involving a real estate in your process of buying a home

The real estate agent in the area know the history of different properties. They will caution you in case you are about to buy a property that will expose you to court cases later.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Avoid AdWords PPC

Everyone loves Google. In fact, this is the one corporation that has influenced our lives in very many ways. However, not all services offered by Google are expected to help everyone. AdWords, is a paid advertising service that you will usually see at the top or side of your screen. Company’s buy or rather pay for these AdWords anytime a user clicks on them, an advertising model known as cost-per-click (CPC).


On the surface, Google AdWords seems like the best advertising option for many companies out there given that almost all internet users use Google. Unfortunately, this is misleading, and below are the top 5 reasons why you should steer clear of this service.


Expensive Clicks

A while ago paying for these clicks was never a problem. This is because at that time, their costs were very low making them a practical and affordable option for even startups. However, today, their cost has risen to highs of about $60 per click. Despite their high costs, you are still not guaranteed of closing the sale since some of the people who click on them could have no intention of buying what you are offering. Google does not care whether you made a sale or not, you will still have to pay.


Uneven Playground

As a result of their cost, small companies and startups cannot freely compete with large organizations. In fact, as a small business owner, footing the bill for these AdWords is very expensive meaning that most of the time, only established companies will flourish with them.

Furthermore, larger companies have the cash, time and resources to pay for the AdWords, unlike smaller ones that may be forced to pay even higher costs when all the keywords they had are used up. If you plan to run AdWords campaigns we highly suggest you hire a PPC management company.


Fewer Characters

AdWords limit your ability to post whatever you want despite the fact that you are paying for them. Typically, you are allowed only 25 characters in the headline, 35 for the two lines of text and another 35 in the URL. This means you have roughly 95 characters to come up with a product description, put in some keywords and of course a call to action.

If you are advertising pharmaceutical products, then this is one of your greatest nightmares since most of these products have names that will eat up two-thirds of your characters. Therefore, using this advertising method requires you to be very particular about your choice of words.


Mistakes Can Be Very Expensive

Everyone tends to make a mistake or two from time to time. The same thing is bound to happen when you are using AdWords. One of the greatest mistake here is forgetting to turn off these AdWords meaning that Google will continue billing you.

Google will also not understand that you may have forgotten to link them to your landing page and will penalize you for it. Another costly mistake that you can also make with these AdWords is failing to implement the tracking system correctly meaning that you will not be able to measure their effectiveness.Again, if you plan to spend money with pay per click marketing you are best served to hire an AdWords management service.


AdWords Do Not Accommodate Everyone

One big misconception is thinking that since Google is the largest search engine, it will meet your advertising needs. Unfortunately, this search giant’s AdWords will not work for all niches.

AdWords are broad, and Google targets only the most relevant keywords on its pages. Therefore, instead of going after something that will not help you land traffic, look for effective but also cheaper alternatives. For example, AdLandmark works best for those in the software industry than AdWords.

Advantages of Solar Energy Panel Electric Power Systems for Houses

The typical cost of a solar energy panel has decreased by 60%since the start of 2011.*

You will love solar power, in case you enjoy the idea of giving to the attempts of making the world a better place to call home, or when you like cash. There is an array of the good reasons to put in a solar power generation system which is photovoltaic in commercial building or your residence, here are a few.

  • – Home based solar power is a quiet, almost maintenance free, constant source of electricity.
  • – Solar electric systems reduce CO2 emissions and pollution by creating electrical power using glowing Sun light that could replace electricity which comes from electrical plants of coal fired.
  • – A solar power system adds to your residence worth without adding any tax liability.
  • – Many states, including Maryland, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Texas and Arizona offer $0 down installment strategies that cost and instantly lower your electric bill nothing to install or keep.
  • – You’ll save cash in the future when you use solar power in your home,. Once you’ve bought your solar panels or solar lights, etc. after all, energy from the sun, is free There are still some financial incentives from the government that could lower your price. And in the event you don’t use as much energy as your solar system uses, you may sell that additional energy to your utility company. When you use solar power, the supply and demand of routine fuel no longer affect you.

Residential solar panels long island, NY energy savings


  • – You won’t influence in case you are in possession of a complete solar system in your house. When solar power is used by you, you reduce your reliance on both foreign and centered sources of energy.
  • – Many solar systems (particularly outside solar lights and outside solar water characteristics, etc.) are quite simple to install and require no wiring.


Solar energy long island New York companies

Solar power systems produce electricity at peak power use times (during the day) when price and the worth of electricity is the greatest. Modern grid-tied house solar electricity systems reduce or get rid of the demand for higher speed electrical power during the day and may use the inexpensive speed power system electricity during the nighttime. Homeowners run their meters backwards, which is producing energy credits and capital, and can in fact push electricity back into the electrical grid during the day. Picture your electric company sending a check each month rather than a statement to you! Seems too good to be accurate? It occurs in the United States.

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Google+ and SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of obtaining more traffic to your website on major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  Unlike other types of advertisements, there is no payment involved with SEO.  SEO includes gaining the right type of signals from your page’s content and sending the to these big search engines.  SEO also involves your business creating pages that use a lot of keywords that people use in their searches.  The more clicks the better, so Fity Social Media management wants to help your business get more clicks!  More clicks will bump your site all the way up to the first link of the first page.

At Fity Social Media we use Google+ to help our businesses strengthen their SEO.  Google+ is a great way to develop your company’s SEO.  If you are looking to drive more traffic to your sites, using Google+ to increase your SEO is definitely the way to go.  The best way to do this is to use everything and anything (i.e. posts, blogs, newsletters) you can in order to help your online rankings.  Google+ is the most effective way to get your company’s name out there and gain popularity.  Unlike other types of advertisements, there is no payment involved with Google+ and SEO.  Therefore, you will be successfully using a Google-based form of advertising for free.  Optimizing Google+ gives your business the opportunity to dominate the most prominent search engine used today and develop SEO for your brand. Not to mention pairing up these services with a top rated Social Media management company.

Google+ makes SEO more personal.  Since Google+ works through sharing and recommendations, it adds a type of personalization to your customer service.  Internet users will notice products and services that their friends, family, and other contacts are dealing with, which leads to more popularity.  By having company’s your site on Google+, you increase the site’s chance of being shared in thousands of people’s personal circles on the internet.

By working with Fity, a top performing Social Media management company, your company will receive more site viewers and customers through your social media sites.  Our goal is to make your job easier by not having to worry about advertising your company through social media every day.  If you are interested in learning more about how Fity can help your business grow, give us a call at (877) 261-7016 today!

Choosing the Best Auto Shipping Service for Your Car

Looking for one of the top auto shipping services can be a very difficult and exhausting task. In fact, it can be one of the most important aspects of shipping your car in prime condition to a different place. Choosing a reliable shipping company can help you save a lot of money on damages, ensure safe delivery of your car and meet deadlines. However, you need to consider a lot of different factors to make an informed choice.

For instance, you need to consider fee schedule, load limitations, special cargo and guarantees. If you consider all these factors while making a choice, you will be able to find one of the best shipping companies for your needs, requirements and budget.

Price should be Affordable

One of the most important factors while choosing a shipping service is the cost. You need to make sure an auto shipping service is affordable and within your budget. It is important to get various car shipping company quotes. You also need to understand the exact method of providing all the charges.

Most of the companies charge by combining a specific fee for distance traveled with particular type of the car. Every car shipping company charges differently for each combination and therefore, results can vary greatly.

Guarantee to Meet Deadlines

Guarantees are very important to make sure your car is shipped on time. You need to ask a shipping company to give you everything in writing. You should negotiate a guaranteed delivery date with the company way before the truck leaves. Moreover, there should also be handling guarantees. Most professional and trustworthy auto shipping services outline a compensation plan for damages.

Specialized Top Notch Car Transportation Service

Last but not the least, it is important to hire specialized auto shipping services. You should not choose a company that offers generalized services. You need to have a clear idea about the specific details about the company’s operations. This will help you narrow down your choices and choose an ideal car shipping company.

While making a choice among some of the top shipping companies, these factors play an important role. You need to make sure you consider all these things and make an informed choice. This will help you choose a company according to your specific business needs, requirements and budget.

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Premium SEO Services

SEO services play a vital role in the success of any business. As a result, website owners must understand various aspects of effective SEO strategies such as:

-Paid search

-Organic or local search

If you are searching for affordable Philadelphia SEO services you can trust, then it’s important you understand what these terms mean.

Paid Search 

local seo serviceWhen you walk into a kid’s store, you will most likely find the cut out of a well-known movie character placed beside a shelf that has toy related goods. This is basically how paid search works.

On the internet, paid search occurs when manufacturers and website owners display their products on other websites that have similar goods or content. It is an effective SEO tool that ensures products take up the prime spots and are able to capture the attention of consumers.

Organic & SEO

Organic search basically involves getting high search engine rankings. Millions of products are found on the internet each day. Most of them usually have the same features making competition very tough. As a result, a huge number of potential consumers base their choice on packaging and branding. Effective SEO involves making your website more appealing in terms of branding and packaging so that it can land on the first five pages of search engine results.

seo chartWith the right SEO strategies, you can increase your website sales and profit margins. An organic search will lead potential consumers directly to your website based on the information and keywords they searched for. This means they won’t have to waste time visiting irrelevant sites.

When it comes to internet marketing, the SEO tools mentioned above are very important. They will help you to keep up with your competition. Any SEO strategy that is properly implemented and executed can do wonders for a business. It can lead to huge financial gains and a high number of website visitors.

Panda 4.0 Or Penguin 3.0? What’s New In SEO

The world of SEO (search engine optimization) keeps changing, that’s why as a blogger or content provider, you must follow all the latest Panda 4.0 and Penguin updates to ensure you are on track. In May 2013, Google shocked us all with the release of Penguin 2.0 that changed how the engine ranked pages. The Penguin 2.0 was an update to the previous Penguin 1.0 that had been rolled out the previous year. With this timeline in mind, we all expected that Penguin 3.0 will be updated at around May 2014 and also the fact that Panda was released earlier in the year.

panda update 4.0To everyone’s surprise, Google’s Head of Webspam announced that Panda 4.0 had hit, saying this vie twitter around 20th May this year. Another interesting twist is that the Panda 4.0 is not actually a simple update from the previous release but rather Panda 4.0 is a complete update in itself. The best news about this update so far is that it only affected about 7.5% of all English queries thus being much forgiving or less harsh to put it in simple terms than the previous updates.

We are yet to see Penguin 3.0 although Google hasn’t said a word about it leaving quite a number of people in the industry disappointed and impatient. Judging from past experience, Matt Cutts always hints about an update weeks to its release and so far we haven’t heard a thing so I’d say Penguin 3.0 isn’t arriving anytime soon.On 20th May, Google was at it again with the Payday 2.0 update that targets spammy queries i.e. “payday loans”. This update however just affected at most 0.2 % of English queries.

penguin 3.0Now to a more interesting algorithm update that was made possible due to the EU ruling on privacy, “Right To Be Forgotten”. Internet users can now ask the Google to delete all irrelevant and outdated data regarding them from the engine. This update become an instant hit with Google receiving over 20 000 requests from a single country on the first day it was rolled out. Looking for SAFE SEO? Get Bucks County seo and web design services today from one of our exclusive partners!

Top-Notch Content Is The Key To Efficient Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most commonly used techniques within online marketing for raising brand awareness and visibility, as well as for increasing traffic, improving conversion rates and boosting productivity. However, as the Google algorithms change (two of the most popular updates being Panda and Penguin), the search engine optimization tactics change as well, and high-quality content seems to be the best and most efficient technique at the moment.

seo graph and chartIn a nutshell, Google – which is currently the largest and most popular search engine in the world – gives more credit to websites that have unique and correctly written articles. However, these articles must also be properly optimized for a certain keyword or keyphrase in order to be considered SEO. The reason why so many people rely on SEO and well-written content is the fact that these tactics are efficient and cost-effective, and the results are seen in the long term. While websites that use duplicate or keyword stuffed articles get penalized, those that abide by the SEO rules and the Google regulations get a website ranking boost.

The thumb rule when it comes to SEO content is rather simple, as the articles must be well-organized, written in a clear and concise manner and they must benefit the reader. The article title must be short yet comprehensive and straight to the point, and the ideal keyword density should vary anywhere between 1% and 3%, as anything above that rate is regarded as keyword stuffing and it tends to be penalized by Google.

However, taking care of all the aspects related to search engine optimization can turn out to be a chore these days, especially if you have little to no experience in the field. This is why a professional, experienced and reliable top rated Philadelphia SEO services agency can come in handy! Still have questions about SEO? Watch the video below.